* Commitment to our customers:

A customer's wish is our greatest motivation. Together we will find customized solutions for every specific requirement. 

* Commitment (to our projects)

Each project is handled carefully and accurately. 



* Integrity

Metodo firmly upholds honesty, reliability and respect. As a reliable partner, we are motivated to make appropriate and responsible decisions to bring your project to a successful conclusion.



* Clear communication 

We aim for open communication with each of our customers. Clear communication is the foundation of a successful collaboration. It assures a good understanding between both parties. 



METODO provides independent Project Management Services in the field of construction and real estate. Our main activities are project management, construction management and project coordination. Thanks to our extensive experience in diferent types of projects, our company is your perfect partner for your national and international projects.


Metodo advices its clients and supervises projects in construction and real estate by carefully selecting and managing the project team, the budget, the timing and the quality of the works. Metodo can also be of assistance with your contract management. Metodo is the ideal partner to monitor the project's activities. 

Our company was established in 2009 and has obtained a wide experience in domestic and foreign projects. Metodo has references in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey and the Czech Republic. However, our goal is not limited to these countries. We can manage your projects worldwide.



Metodo is a small team of highly trained professionals. This enables us to maintain a personal contact with our customers. We are the ideal partner for your small coordination assignments as well as for advanced construction or project management assignments. Our people are the foundation of our company. We believe in a young and dynamic mindset where experience is shared among everyone. Our people are flexible, honest and customer-oriented professionals who treat each project with due diligence.



Metodo provides project management and coordination services in the field of construction and real estate. The current economic climate leaves our customers no choice but to survey their projects now more than ever.


Our professional team is responsible for a transparent and accurate monitoring of your projects. Our ambition is not to become the largest in our sector, but the best. We wish to serve a limited customer portfolio by means of a compact but professional team. Our flexible attitude enables us to follow our customers worldwide.


Our no-nonsense culture keeps us close to our customers. This way we can support them wherever needed. Our team consists of young but experienced professionals with a passion for construction. Each project is realized with the deserved attention. We aim at good and lasting relationships with our customers.

Metodo BV
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Tel: 09/330 62 72 (enkel bereikbaar op dinsdag)

BTW: BE0811 270 188

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